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NAND boot fail on Industrial version of I.MX6sx

Question asked by David Trinh on Aug 8, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by David Trinh

Hi guys,

How are we doing well?!

I have been using the kobs-ng tool to write the u-boot.imx image on the NAND chip and booting correctly without problem. The board was using Automotive Version of the i.MX6sx.

Now, on that same board, we change the SoC to Industrial version, everything else remain unchanged. We used exactly all the tools and sources of the Automotive board to prepare the NAND chip. Unfortunately, we cannot boot the board up with NAND (SD booting normal). 

Then, We de-solder a NAND chip on another Automotive SoC board and solder it back on the Industrial SoC board and the Industrial board boot from NAND correctly. Then, On this NAND chip, if we boot back to SD then we can re-write kernel, .dtb, rootfs on the NAND chip and the board still booting and work on NAND correctly. But if we re-write the u-boot image using the kobs-ng tool on the Industrial SoC after SD booting, then the board can't boot up with NAND after reset. I guess something went wrong with the kobs-ng tool when it write the FCB to the NAND chip while running in the industrial SoC board.

Have anybody experienced this similar issues and please give me some hints, please?!

Thank you!