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Removing crystal from "Device-to-device communication via NFC demo"

Question asked by Jerry Wolverton on Aug 8, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2017 by Jerry Wolverton

I am new to hardware design and learning a lot as I go.  I have been able to take the device-to-device demo (from DemoLab, document DOC-333917, posted by Jordi Jofre and updated by Richard Schmidmaier) and do some pretty cool things with it.  I do have a question, which might be elementary but I'll only learn by asking (and I can't find an answer to which makes me think I'm missing something fundamental).


Will the spinning disc component still work if the external crystal was removed from the LPC11U24?  From what I understand, the crystal is only needed with LPC11U24 for USB communication, but this application does not use USB.  Can the chip's 12MHz IRC be used instead?