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Virtual Com program enumerating correctly but not transferring data.

Question asked by Lee Dimmitt on Aug 8, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2017 by Mark Butcher

I'm trying to implement the Virtual_Com app from Freescale USB Stack v4.1.1 on a K60 processor with ULPI to communicate with a Docklight terminal emulator running on Windows 10. The Virtual Com App is implementing a loopback program but I never receive the text I type in the terminal emulator there. I've also created a "Hello World" routine to transmit a string when triggered, but it never shows on the terminal emulator either. I'm seeing the CDC_CARRIER_ACTIVATED and DEACTIVATED events in USB_Cdc_Notify_Callback, and getting the USB_APP_ENUM complete event in USB_Cdc_App_Callback, but never a DATA_RECEIVED or SEND_COMPLETE.


I'm getting numerous USB_APP_EP_UNSTALLED events into the USB_Cdc_App_Callback when the com port is open. Aside from this, everything looks to be functioning correctly, but no data moves. I've got the Com port settings set to the same baud rate, etc and handshaking off in both the Docklight terminal emulator and in Device Manager - USB Serial Device - Properties - Port Settings.


I've modified usb_dci_kinetis.c/h to work on my hardware and can implement an MSD device with it. I eventually want to implement a Composite MSC/CDC device but am trying to get the CDC working on its own before going for both. I've switched the usb_descriptor.c/h files out for the CDC and everything looks good in the Device Manager when I look at the details. It just doesn't move data.


Anyone out there able to help?


Thanks in advance,