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using 6LBR (BLE-BorderRouter) to forward udp packets to other 6LN(BLE-Nodes)

Question asked by Steffen Jahnke on Aug 7, 2017
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im currently using three FRDM-KW41Z Boards from NXP. One of them as a Border Router (6LBR - ipv6Router) and the other two as simple BLE-Nodes (6LN - ipv6Node). Now im trying to send some data with the udp sockets implementation via the BorderRouter (6LBR) from BLE-Node1(6LN) to BLE-Node2(6LN). But i only can open a udp socket between one of the Nodes and the Border Route. I think the main Problem is, that the two Nodes has exaktly the same Global Address if i check this with ifconfig. Any Ideas how to solve this Problem?