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LPC54114 dual-core example ... take 2

Question asked by klausrschambeck on Aug 7, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by klausrschambeck

this is in response to the original LPC54114 dual-core example which, to me, didn't provide a working solution for an nxp chip with the nxp mcuxpresso ide (i'm neither a keil nor an iar guy)


here is a link to the original post (not from me)

LPC54114 dual-core example 


sorry, i complained already before and her is the take 2 approach for mcuxpresso fans with a hang for C++


and finally i was able to attach the zippie ... let's hope it works for you as it did for me


sorry for the maybe a bit unusual format, but i started with the lpc54114 flavor and the sdk on mcuxpresso on my birthday july 25 and spent until today aug 8 to get my very own serial code with fifo, which i'm using for 10 plus years, to work along with a, to me new, dual core concept ... why does this simple stuff take so wonderfully (wanted to start with and f...) long ... yeah, i'm slow, but a whole bunch of info from the chip vendor was. to me, also missing in action


well ... it works now ... and thanks and a special cheers to all the contributors, Klaus


p.s. had to upload a new zippie file ... had a bad version in my 1st attempt

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