Andreas Engberg

mmap & mcf547x_8x broken?

Discussion created by Andreas Engberg on Sep 6, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2008 by Tom Thompson
Hi all,

I've been trying the mcf547x_8x - 2.6.25 release for the last two weeks and it performs better than 2.6.10 by eons, at least for our application.

One thing I'm still having problems with is mmap. Take the vfb for instance, any reads or writes to its memory results in a sigsegv.
The weird part is if I'm using /dev/mem with an offset, I can mmap without any issues at all.
What I want to do is allocate memory in my driver (vmalloc because of size) but mmap it to userspace.

Any ideas? I tried the suggestion in an older thread about adding DIRTY and WRITABLE to _S001 and _S011 but without luck.