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Best way to start a chain of ADC channel readings on DEVKIT-MPC5744P with an external trigger/interrupt source?

Question asked by Markus Ransberger on Aug 7, 2017

Hello together,

I'm just wondering what's the best way to do what the title says. I'm aware that the CTU(0) of the board (DEVKIT-MPC5744P) is probably my best option, BUT: every CTU0 EXT_IN pin (for an external interrupt source/button/signal) is hardwired/already in use for different parts on the board. So now I'm wondering what's the next best approach to get a interrupt signal to the CTU0 to start a ADC(0 or 1) conversion. Over FlexPWM or can I just use other pins on the board?


Thanks in advance,

Markus R.