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i.MX6_Boot Mode setting

Discussion created by jacky wu on Aug 6, 2017
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I have some board bring up issue, Need help for setting Boot Config. 
The MPU is i.MX6ull, chosen SD card and eMMC for my boot device ,Reference document :IMX6ULLRM Rev. 0, 09/2016 


Issue as below : 


RM Section 5 - 
SD/eSD Boot Fusemap (Table 5-5) 
1. BOOT_CFG1 [0] : What is SD Loopback Clock Source Sel ? through SD pad and direct means ? 
2. BOOT_CFG1 [1] : Is SD POWER Cycle Enable means that if i had RST pin with my boot deviece, choose -> Enabled via USDHC_RST pad ? if not, choose No power cycle? 
3. BOOT_CFG1 [3:2] : How to choose ? any suggestion ? 
4. BOOT_CFG1 [4] : Is SDR25 SDR50 SDR104 -> Fast Boot? if not, why? 
5. BOOT_CFG2 [7:6] : What is SD Calibration Step means, and how to setting ? 


MMC/eMMC Boot Fusemap (Table 5-6) 
6. BOOT_CFG1[0] : Same problem as the 1st point 
7. BOOT_CFG1[1] : Same problem as the 2nd point 
8. BOOT_CFG1[3:2] : What is Fast Boot Acknowledge Disable setting depends and its meaning ? 
What version of eMMC will it be high speed mode or Regular? 


Please help, and extremely grateful! 
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