Robert Bailey

MC9S08JM  USB,  HID with PE.

Discussion created by Robert Bailey on Sep 5, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2008 by Kevin McCann
I have recently switched to exclusive use of Freescale parts, mostly due to the Codewarrior and Processor Expert toolset.  The 9S08JM parts arrived on the scene at exactly the right time for my current projects.

However, in attempting to integrate the CMX USB code into my projects, I keep hitting snags.

In a perfect world, there would be a HID bean in PE,   their serial port beans have worked well for me and integrate into the projects without issue.

Can one of the USB+JM gurus on the board (Jim Don,  Nik, bitwork) help me a little with getting the CMX stuff to work?  The example code is full of conditional configurations which makes it a pain to sift thru to find what I need to change.  The code is expection a bit of file-structure and sub-directory arrangement that I keep stumbling over.

I would really like to use HID, as it is "driverless",  CDC would be the next choice as it only needs an INF.

Has anyone boiled the code down to a couple files that can be added to a PE proiject?  I am continuing to spin my wheels here.

Thanks guys,  there have to be a ton of people with the same problems,  so any hints posted will help the masses.  A good example is the mini-ram versions of the flashing routines (thanks Jim) that have helped countless folks.

Thanks in advance,

Bob Bailey