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About the register value when using NAND flash memory.

Question asked by 貴博 石川 on Aug 4, 2017



We use one NAND flash memory.
Please teach us the recommended register value of the GPMI.
Please refer to the following register item.


The NAND flash memory is MT29F4G08ABADAWP-ITD(Micron).
After setting register value, we will measure and inspect control signals.
If necessary, we adjust the register value.


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Processor : MCIMX283DVM4B
NAND Flash Memory : MT29F4G08ABADAWP-ITD(Micron)


Register of GPMI:
<address>   <register name>
8000_C000   GPMI Control Register 0 (HW_GPMI_CTRL0)
8000_C010   GPMI Compare Register (HW_GPMI_COMPARE)
8000_C020   GPMI Integrated ECC Control Register (HW_GPMI_ECCCTRL)
8000_C030   GPMI Integrated ECC Transfer Count Register (HW_GPMI_ECCCOUNT)
8000_C040   GPMI Payload Address Register (HW_GPMI_PAYLOAD)
8000_C050   GPMI Auxiliary Address Register (HW_GPMI_AUXILIARY)
8000_C060   GPMI Control Register 1 (HW_GPMI_CTRL1)
8000_C070   GPMI Timing Register 0 (HW_GPMI_TIMING0)
8000_C080   GPMI Timing Register 1 (HW_GPMI_TIMING1)
8000_C0A0   GPMI DMA Data Transfer Register (HW_GPMI_DATA)
8000_C0B0   GPMI Status Register (HW_GPMI_STAT)
8000_C0C0   GPMI Debug Information Register (HW_GPMI_DEBUG)
8000_C0D0   GPMI Version Register (HW_GPMI_VERSION)