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P4080DS NOR flash bank identification

Question asked by Andre Westerholz on Aug 4, 2017
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I have programmed boot loaders in multible NOR flash banks. E.g. in Bank 1,2, and 3. The switch between the boot loaders will be done by switching SW7 on P4080DS board. This works without any problems.


But now I would like to store some common data in Bank 4. This data shall be accessible independent from the selected boot loader what means independent from the SW7 setting. My problem is now that I´m not able to find out the flash address of a specific bank.


My idea was to read the SW7 settings by software and calculate from the settings back to the current bank 4 address. But now I´ve seen that switch registers (PX_SWx) is only for overwriting the SW and not reflecting the real SW settings.


My question is now whether it is possible to read the SW 7 setting by software? Or is there another possibility to get the bank address?


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