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FlexRAM loading timing at Reset

Question asked by Neng Hau Ching Employee on Aug 4, 2017

Per application note AN11983, it was highlighted the ability to select if RESET signal is to be released before or
after FlexRAM loading from FlexNVM is completed or not during reset, via the FCCOB3 for the "Program Partition"
command, i.e.


Is there a specification, or an estimate on the time taken for the FlexRAM to be loaded (i.e. before EEERDY gets set)
during these boot/reset process, i.e.

I believe timing may depend on some factors, clearly the EE/FlexRAM size used, but are there any other factors
this will depend on? Since this has direct implication on boot timing, and whether to allow CPU to perform other
tasks while FlexRAM is updated, or wait for FlexRAM to be fully loaded first, i.e. the absolutely safe approach.

Also, is the algorithm of the internal EEPROM emulation state machine something that is available for review? 
If so, then the information above could be understood better as well.

Thanks for any help with the above.