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Question asked by Calvin Ji Employee on Aug 3, 2017
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One of my customer was using MCF52274 with MQX_v3.7. USB CDC is a must requirement in their product to communicate with PC. They found that the USB CDC device function could work well on WinXP, while it was very unstable, sometime even could not be enumerated on Win7-64bit or Win10. They used the orginal VID and PID in the firmware.


I got a MCF52259 EVB board and downloaded the example code under path Freescale MQX 3.7\usb\device\examples\cdc\virtual_com\cw10\cdc_vcom_m52259evb, and it worked well on both Win7-64bit and Win10. It is proved that there is no issue in our MQXv3.7 USB Stack and it was not the problem of USB driver on PC side.


May I know if there is any other SW or HW cause for this issue? Thanks.