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MCIMX7SABRE : Booting with dual displays EPD and HDMI Displays

Question asked by hiroyuki hara on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by Rita Wang



Hard configuration
OS / Kernel
 Android 7.1.1
 Kernel 4.1.15

Building android for imx7 based on Android User's Guide, the following will be created
 boot-imx7d.img / boot-imx7d-epdc.img
 recovery-imx7d.img / recovery-imx7d-epdc.img
 u-boot-imx7d. imx / u-boot-imx7d-epdc.imx
Images for EPD and LCD are created.
(Why do you understand separately?)


boot-imx7d-epdc.img. recovery-imx7d-epdc.img. u boot-imx7d-epdc.imx. system.img
After writing the above file to SD, Android started, it was displayed on EPD.


Next, in order to display on the dual display of HDMI and EPD,
It changed to the following of imx7d-sdb-epdc.dtsi.
& Sii902x {
Status = "okay";        Before modification: disabled

& Lcdif {
        Status = "okay";       Before modification: disabled
I corrected the above and created boot-imx7d-epdc.img, recovery-imx7d-epdc.img, u-boot-imx7d-epdc.imx again.
I wrote Android to SD but I could not display EPD or HDMI.

Do you know what caused the problem?

(I attached the log)

Original Attachment has been moved to: dual_disp.log.odt