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MPC5746R FCCU Configuration

Question asked by Padhi LN on Aug 3, 2017

I have some confusion about the reset setting in MPC5746R.

For temperature event you have given 2 possibilities 1) ADC monitoring and fault injection into FCCU. 2) Create a external functional reset or destructive reset through RGM from PMC.

In the second case

a) if I disable the destructive or External functional reset and Enable safe mode then what type of reset it will assert.

b) If NCF[58] RGM Safe Mode request is enabled what it exactly does. [ If I configure FCCU_NCFS_CFG as Long Functional reset for the then what reset will assert]

c) If I don't use EOUT signals from FCCU will the system stay in safe state.


Do you have any recommendation or reference for example to select  FCCU_NCFS_CFG for the all 87 NCFs.


When you recommend destructive reset, will it ensures Safe Mode or not ?