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LS1012ARDB no serial output, QSPI problem?

Question asked by Nicholas Hooper on Aug 3, 2017

Hi all,


Was hoping to get some help with my LS1012ARDB as there are a few problems. 
One problem I was having was the device would eventually lock up, where the serial screen becomes unresponsive and the red 'porset' LED would be stuck on. The only way to get it working again was to restart my computer.


While working on the board today I thought that I should follow the 'Updating ASK images on LS1012ARDB' section of the LS1012ARDBGSG. I followed the instructions to check bank 2 and the board did not boot, it only sat with a black screen. I restarted the board and then started to follow the instructions to reprogram it. I copied the instructions in proper order and went to reset the board, however it got stuck on a black screen.
I power cycled the board and there was still no output on the serial.


Would anyone be able to help get this board working?




I previously had a problem with this board being stuck in bootloader, and had to load new firmware files, which was covered in a different community question (LS1012a RDB only appears as bootloader? )