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mfgtool imx28 - how to flash dtb to a specific address within the ucl file

Question asked by Edward Tyrrell on Aug 3, 2017
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By default mfgtool for the imx28 seems to favour linux 2.6, I need to use 4.1.xx. I've got most of the tweaks done but am struggling to get uboot to find the dtb I'm flashing via mfgtool. When uboot tries to load the dtb it fails to find it. Obviously not being loaded correctly via mfgtool
What is the syntax to add an address to the ucl file? For example if the dtb file is to be flashed at 0x8000000 for uboot boot to find it,  how is this specific address location added to my ucl command such as:
<CMD> type="push" body="send" file="/files/imx28-evk.dtb">Sending device tree</CMD>
  <CMD type="push" body="$ nandwrite -p /dev/mtd0 $FILE"> Programming device tree</CMD>
Thanks all.