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CSEc for storing keys

Question asked by Mohan kumar on Aug 3, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2017 by Mohan kumar

Can someone please explain in detail summary what below functions will do in csec_keyconfig example project.


/* Initialize Flash for CSEc operation */


/* Load the MASTER_ECU key with a known value, which will be used as Authorization key (a secret key known by the application in order to configure other user keys) */


/* Load the selected key First load => counter == 1 */
   keyLoaded = loadKey(CSEC_KEY_1, key, 1);



Sorry for asking this questions blindly. Though in debug mode by single stepping the source code, I could understand it theoretically.


But I want to program my own security keys to CSEc module in our products before releasing it to market.

So it would be of great help if someone explains it with S32K144 context and how it works.