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PCF8574 defective ?

Question asked by René Brunier on Aug 2, 2017
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I'm using PCF8574 since more than 10 years to sense dry contacts (PCF is used in input mode). The contacts are located between 1 and 4 meters away form the board, and its action just consist to pull the input (P0-P7) to Vss. The environment is not a a lab but it is not too much "noisy".

This has been working very well so far until last months where I start to got strange behaviors:

As long a s the contact is very close to the PCF8574 (and cable length is short < 0.2m), its still working as designed.

If the cable length increase, at some stage (not always the same distance) the PCF8574 suddenly "collapse" Vcc, like if there is a shortcut inside (and the chips gets very hot).

Trying to understand, I did several experiments and conclude that the problem concerns a specific lot number:





I do not know if and where I can retrieve data from this batch...

Can someone help