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Problem sending data on CANBUS thorugh UJA113x System Basis Chip (SBC).

Question asked by Abhishek Gupta on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by Abhishek Gupta

Hello Everyone,


I am facing an issue while using UJA113x System Basis Chip (SBC).

See Link:


I have programmed the NVM (0x71 to 0x74) to get out of Forced Normal Mode. by setting FNMC = 0 and SDMC = 1.

On-Startup I send the following SPI commands to device:


CMD 1:  (0x0207) - Write operation at MC(Mode Control) 0x01h register, to send the device into normal mode.


CMD 2:  (0x4002) - Write operation at CAN Control register 0x20h, to disable CAN transceiver shutdown(CSC bits) and select operating mode(CMC bits) to Active Mode(under voltage disabled).


I have made sure that data is available on TXDC pin . But still, I m not able to see data on CANBUS i.e. CANH and CANL (pin 21 and pin 22). I tried to see data on CANBUS through logic analyser but both both lines are at LOW level.


Are there any more registers which need to be configured ?