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imx_2.6.35 kernel for imx28evk

Question asked by Damien Laidin on Aug 1, 2017
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I am trying to build a Yocto image with an imx kernel but that's not very successful.


What I am trying to do is to create a core-image-base image with Yocto / Bitbake with the version 2.6.35 of the imx kernel. To do that I am using the FSL community environnement and I am trying to use the version 2.6.35_maintain of this kernel :


I do want to use this version because I am trying to use the audio recording with the imx28evk board and that I know it's working with that kernel version. And I need to add some custom recipes to my image so I have to use bitbake.


I tried to use the kernel of the demo image shipped with the board (i.MX28 Linux Binary Demo Files) with a rootfs created from my side but at boot time there is a kernel panic saying that the kernel is too old for the rootfs.


I also tried to build from my side the kernel but there are some compiling errors and I am almost sure that It won't work anymore with my "recent" rootfs.


I also tried to use the 2.6.35 version of the linux-fslc kernel but bitbake complains saying that this version is not available.


I didn't tried to use LTIB because It's a very old tool which seems to create a lot of issues to people who are trying to use it.


So, do you know a way to achieve my goal ?


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