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how to write a helloworld module for GPIO driver

Question asked by Shawn Li on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by Shawn Li

Based on imx6ulevk EVK, I would like to write a helloworld GPIO module for char driver, and think the ON/OFF hardware button on board can be a reference design.



From schema and pin tool, I see that ON/OFF button is on R8 pin, peripheral is System Reset Controllor(SRC) , with src.RESET_B in IOMUX


However, where is the source code for this driver? I tried various of searching ways, including searching keywords in source, in build directory, and in running board /proc, but none of them had got me there. I had written drivers for linux 2.6 many years ago, but when trying to refresh self and picking things up in yocto + Linux 4.x recently, confusion are confronted more than expected.


Could anyone tell me what is the correct steps to search for its driver?  Or... is it a pure hardware button and just power off CPU without any source code..?


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