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S32K144 CAN Reciver Problem

Question asked by eautopower on Aug 1, 2017

I interrupt the receiver using CAN. Why is the message received by the last host sent instead of the message sent by the current host?


The host sends a 3 message and ID respectively is 0X1818,0X1819,0X1820, when the host sends the first message from ID 0X1818, but the slave interrupt receiving first frame message ID is 0, the data is empty, when the host sends a second message and the ID is 0X1819, but from the machine to interrupt reception is ID for a 0X1818 message, when a host sends third frame message, ID is 0X1820, but slave interrupt received frame message sent by a host is second, ID is 0x1819.

C coder:

and the RXMGMASK configured: