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LPC1850 with QSPI Flash MX66L51235F

Question asked by Joey Weng on Aug 1, 2017



I am trying to use Macronix MX66L51235F QSPI flash as code memory for LPC1850. According to the experience with Hitex 1850 EVB, it is necessary to get a .FLM file which contains flash algorithm. Without this .FLM file, it is impossible to program code/data into SPIFI flash.


By referring Keil website (Flash Programming Algorithms), it describes how to create our own flash algorithm. I tried to create my own version but it failed. And here comes two questions.


1. Does LPC1850 support MX66L51235F (this is a 512Mb/64MB QSPI flash)? LPC SPIFI Peripheral ( page tells me only MX25 series is supported. If this information is correct, the maximum flash capacity that LPC1850 supports is 32MB, not 64MB. But this conflicts with datasheet.

2.If MX66L51235F is able to support, how could I create its .FLM file?


My project for MX66L51235F is attached. I would like to request your help to review it. Thank you.

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