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Register lock with consideration of safety manual

Question asked by Yixin Wu on Aug 1, 2017

Hello Community,


In our system we want to implement the safety measurements, which are described in the safety manual for MPC5744. Under the point SM_125 it says:

Assumption:[SM_125] Configuration registers, and registers that aren't modified during

application execution, should be protected from unintended software write accesses (e.g.

with a Hard Lock Protection). [end]

What can I understand with these configuration registers? In the software, if I want to change the baud rate of LINFLEX, I should change the register value of it. Is it also counted to configuration registers? If so, should I do unlock of the register and then lock it after modificaton?

The same thing is also considerable for C55FMC registers (C55FMC_MCR, C55FMC_LOCK). If I lock them, I cannot write in the FLASH.


Thank you for explanation in advance.