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USB OTG issue in Serial Downloading mode?

Question asked by shree97 on Jul 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by Yuri Muhin

Hello Community,


We want to run the DDR calibration test on our custom board (i.MX6S processor) for that we set the BOOT_MODE[1:0]=01.

we have checked all the power rails and all are seems to be good.

In the OTG connection we have connected the OTG_VBUS, USB0_OTG_N and USB0_OTG_P(we don't have OTG_PWR_EN pin in our schematics) directly to the connector and kept the OTG_ID pin as floating.

After connecting the USB cable in OTG connector we measured the USB OTG related voltages and they are as below:






But still the USB OTG is not detecting in our HOST(windows PC) machine.

After that we tried with giving pull up to OTG_ID but no success.

also please provide the clarity on the below statement from HW design checklist(How to switch ON the OTG VBUS supply after boards power up?)

To comply with the USB OTG specification, the VBUS supply on the OTG connector should default to off when the boards power up.


Kindly help me regarding this issue.


Best Regards,