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Is it possible to have the u-boot on a FAT32 partion?

Question asked by Mingming Zhang on Jul 31, 2017
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Here the current structure of the SD card we are using to boot the device:

1st partition: u-boot

2nd: boot

3rd: linux (root)


I'm wondering if it is possible to have something like this (a SD card for raspberry):



We'd like to be able to put a config file on a FAT32 boot partition which configures the device at boot.

This config file must be editable from a Windows machine.

The thing is Windows only "mount" the first partition of an "usb device", so it only see the 1st u-boot partition. (Windows 10 Creator Update allows to mount all the partitions, but from my test, it's not always working, and it doesn't recognize FAT12.)