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Compatibility nxp K82, stm32.

Question asked by MESDOUA Abderrazek on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by Hui_Ma

On my project I must connect a fingerprint of crossematch, the TouchChip TCESC4K swipe module, with frdm-k82f nxp kit. to do a Fingerprint recognition,
But the sample code Supplied with the SDK of the fingerprint is specific to stm32, Usable on uVision 4, with a connection uart or spi.

Is there a way to use them on kinetis or mcuxpresso with the k82 ?.

I used the fingerprint reader as a slave in: sdk82\boards\frdmk82f\driver_examples\dspi\interrupt_transfer. but it does not work.
Also, I tried with :sdk82\boards\frdmk82f\driver_examples\lpuart\interrupt_transfer. without results.
The sample code to make grab with the fingerprint reader is attached.
If someone has something to suggest to me it will not be refused.

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