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MCF5223X PHY fixed to 10 Mbps

Discussion created by Peder Olav Stugaard on Sep 4, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2008 by Peder Olav Stugaard

I try to set the ethernet communication to be fixed at 10 Mbps, in stead of auto-negotiation and 100 Mbps. I want to reduce the power consumption.

By the way, I use Interniche Lite ethernet stack.

But when I try to write to MII control register 0x00, nothing happens. I try to write 0x0100, but when reading register value afterwards it is still 0x0000, and then after PHY is enabled and ready the register value is 0x2100. Which means 100Mbps and duplex.

I have the feeling that I have forgot to set/reset some bit in a register.

Any clue anyone?