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About the xet256 ECT pulse capture interrupt, I want know if there is  Pulse detection criteria function

Question asked by hongjian zhang on Jul 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by lama

Recently One of our products encountered a problem about the ECT capture interrupt


Our product use the xet256 mcu, and we use the pt6 as our capture input, and our input is if normal the pulse width is 200ms high pulse and 40ms low pulse, and if abnormal the pulse width is 200ms low pulse and 40ms  high pulse;

we used the pt6 ECT capture input function to do this, that is, we use the rising edge and the falling edge to detect the high pulse width and low pulse width, but sometimes it didn't trigger as we respected , and it often happened when the car is in running, if we use the oscilloscope to view the wave, we didn't find there is any problem;   as the port didn't have the delay counter , i want to know: 1. If there is  Pulse detection criteria function as the port interrupt or it will capture interrupt when there is any change on the port. 2. If the capture port have  Schmidt flip-flop function, and if don't, if  the rising edge wave, is it possible that it will occur two or more interrupt?


I wonder where i can find more information about the inner circuitry and software description or use advise about this


Thank you all