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About MIFARE classic decrement/incremet/restore command

Question asked by Nobuo Tajima on Jul 30, 2017

Dear Sir,


Please tell me about the following for the part 2 sequence of the Increment/Decrement/Retore command in MIFARE classic card.


(Q1) About the operand
If I want to subtract one from value block by decrement command, should I specify 0x01 0x00 0x00 0x00 as an operand?


(Q2) About the response of part 2
There is no ACK in the response of part 2 in Increment/Decrement/Retore command.
When accepting correctly in part 2, will not you get a response of ACK?
Please tell us the response when the card is handled correctly in part2.
Also, in what case will the NAK descripted in the data sheet be returned?