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UART framing error after reset?

Question asked by Dan Bovill on Jul 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by Dan Bovill

I am using 2 FRDM-KL25Z to chat to each other using UART1 and UART2. I am using UART0 of each to connect to my PC and report what is being received on UARTS 1 & 2, so I have 2 instances of Termite open to do this.

The program sends one character out of each port once per second.

The problem I am having is this:

Case1: Reset unit A and unit A reports activity but unit B stops reporting activity.

Case2: Reset unit B and unit B reports activity but unit A stops reporting activity.

Case3: Reset units A and B at the same time and both work properly.


When I look at the signals using an oscilloscope it appears as though there are a few extra bits pre-pended immediately after a reset, compared to subsequent transmissions.


Can you please tell me if this is normal and how can I stop this and/or recover from it.