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HIS SGF25 Flash Driver for HCS12X v1.0 : compatibility with MC9S12xEP100

Discussion created by Lakshman Rao on Sep 4, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2009 by Lakshman Rao
Hi all,
I had downloaded the above executable flash drivers from the freescale website earlier and they are working fine on my MC9s12xDP512 part board. These are available under Software & Tools category in the S12xD page and described as HCS12XSGF25SSD
However, I need to know whether the same  drivers work for MC9s12xEP100 target with a 1meg flash capacity.
I have tried to test the same and could not get beyond the InitFlash() call. It seems it is endlessly executing in the EraseFlash routine.
please advise me if these drivers are compatible with this device.
with regards,