Fail to build wireless examples of SDK_2.2_FRDM-KW41Z in MCUXpressoIDE v10.0.2

Discussion created by simonxian on Jul 29, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by Holger Kelch

Hi, I am using MCUXpresso Integrated Development Environment (IDE) v10.0.2(free edition). I have imported several wireless examples from SDK_2.2_FRDM-KW41Z, following the guidance of  FRDM-KW41Z website. But the same error occured when I built them in MCUXpresso IDE v10.0.2, as shown in the screenshot below,('BD_ADDR' undeclared here)

However, they are successfully built in MCUXpresso IDE v10.0.0 if I import them from SDK again, but it fails if I just open the projects which have been imported and created by IDE v10.0.2. 

So, what's wrong with the IDEv10.0.2? And how to solve the problem?