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LS1043ARDB SerDes problem

Question asked by Gabor Kocsis on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by Gabor Kocsis

Hello Everybody,


I've been fighting a serious problem with our LS1043ARDB. We'd like to use the SerDes protocol 0x3333.

It's four SGMII MAC on four SerDes lane. The datasheet says its PLL mapping is 1111, so PLL1 is used for it.

I set it in the RCW, but the board hangs up even before U-boot texts out anything. If I just change the PLL1 off, the board starts, but the SerDes doesn't work.

My question is : Should the LS1043ARDB with this protocol settings or there is any hardware restriction that prevents using of this protocol? Maybe the reference board can't work with this setup, but the LS1043A in an other hardware setup can?


Thanks for advance