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FLEXIO Acquisition frequency

Question asked by Lacouture Patrice on Jul 27, 2017

I am using the TWR-K80F150M board, MCUXpresso IDE v10.0.0_344 and SDK_2.2_TWR-K80F150M.
For my project, i should acquire 4 serial data at 16 MHz which must be saved into sd card. For the acquisition, I use FLEXIO module and the “API FLEXIO CAMERA Receive in EDMA way” :
With the API, I succeed receiving the 4 data until 1 MHz (counter data generated from an FPGA, FLEXIO + EDMA). the FlexIO was configured to input data with an external clock's drive. I did not succeed more than 1 MHz.
Who can increase the frequency, is there any configuration on the flexio ?
I think If FlexIO is configured to input data with an external clock's drive, the clock frequency has an upper limit of 1/6 FlexIO clock frequency. For K80, the limit is 25MHz.   
Thank you for your help,