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MCUX v10.0.2 - Bug - Alt+F does not select File menu

Question asked by David Rodgers on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2017 by David Rodgers

Pretty simple... I'm running MCUXpresso 10.0.2 (former KDS user), and when I press Alt+F, the File menu of the main IDE window does not expand.  If I press and hold Alt, I see the "F" in "File" underlined, along with other key letters.  If I press Alt+E, I get the Edit menu.  Alt+S gets the Source menu.  Alt+T gets the Refactor menu, and so forth.  But Alt+F does nothing, which is annoying, because my muscle memory for saving a source file is to hit Alt+F, S.  I realize that Ctrl+S is a shortcut for saving a file, and I've been using it as a workaround, but there's no reason for something as basic as a menu hotkey to be broken.  I've checked Window / Preferences / General / Keys, and Alt+F is not bound to anything.


Curiously, the "FreeRTOS" menu item has no hotkey underlined when I press Alt.  I'm wondering if maybe someone set "F" as its hotkey, but since it conflicts with "File", pressing Alt+F does nothing instead?  That's my only theory.  Please make Alt+F work again, thanks.