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Linux/MX7D/SABRE/pinout/peripheral acces .. where to start?

Question asked by Lars Heinrichs on Jul 27, 2017
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In order to test custom hardware I'd like to quickly access the mx7s peripherals under linux.

Unfortunately, I got almost no experience in using Linux on embedded devices.

I compiled a Linux Kernel for another platform once and then toggled a GPIO. That's pretty much all I did.

Thinking about teting peripherals on the MX7 puts me in a kind of frustrated and helpless state.


Currently I am reading a lot of documentation, but that just makes me feel more helpless.

Ive read about device trees used for hardware description separated from the kernel. This sounds like something I'd need sooner or later so I thought this could be a path to follow: get a BSP, try compiling a linux kernel, try to toggle a GPIO. Then check out the sabres default device tree that should be located somewhere. Afterwards I could try to adjust the pinout.


I cannot find a BSP.

I dont know how to access peripherals under linux.
I dont know how to change the pinout of the processor.
I dont know how to tell Linux about the processors pinout-changes

I dont know where to find ressources that help me with all of the above although ive spent several hours searching the web.


  • Where may I find a BSP for the MX7D sabre? Ive downloaded mutliple files but none of them seem to contain any sources, just binaries.
  • Is there any tutorial you know of that could help me understand how to access hardware peripherals from user space?
  • May i export my pin setup using the Pins tool? May i import the pin setup of the sabre board to the tool to adjust it?
  • How may I transfer my pinout to a device tree? How do i get the device tree to b loaded at startup?


This is a lot of questions, I know.

I dont even know if the answers to these questions will help me.
Im just completely lost.