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Changing from MK10DN512ZVLL10 to MK10DN512VLL10 stops working the program

Question asked by Faine on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by Faine

We have been using the MK10DN512ZVLL10 for years without problems. The latest micro receipts come without the letter 'Z' (MK10DN512VLL10) and the equipment is constantly being reset.

Following the program we have seen that it was reset when writing to the SIM_SOPT6 registry (hard fault interrupt). Looking at the datasheet of the new version of the microcontroller without the 'Z' we see that this register has been eliminated.

Eliminating the line that configured this register the microcontroller is no longer hanging on this point but the program ends up hanging equally later.

Can anyone (better if NXP could be) indicate the differences between the versions of the microcontroller and why so many basic things have changed so that the programs now are not compatible?