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PN5180 Configuration, AWC data

Question asked by Tomas Jun on Jul 26, 2017
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I tune the PN5180, FW 4.0, Cockpit ver 4.2:

I can:

- create new gear based protocol value.

- write to EEPROM AWC data (wave shape configuration string).

- load AWC data from EEPROM

- I see changes in the table "Gear Based Protocol value" with current gear changes

The all without impact to register value / e.g. RF_CONTROL_TX:TX Residual Carrier.

After reset of PN5180:  I must load manualy "Load AWC Data from EEPROM" , I see again changes only in table, without impact to behaviour of PN5180 (e.g. TX Residual Carrier)

Please - do you have any idea?


Thank you
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