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Audio capture using HFP & playback using Headphone doesn't works

Question asked by himanshu gusain on Jul 26, 2017
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I have created a module in HAL layer for hfp & have modified the audio policy to go to hfp in HAL.

Everythings working smothly except , We have integrated an application(SmartEar
Mac Tools - SmartEAR 3 - Android Apps on Google Play 

)with our tool which records the data through Bluetooth & writes the recorded  data that in audio out (headphone ) at the same time  which is like a real-time noise detection .


The recording part of the application works fine , But when we connect headphone we are not able to hear any

noise recorded from Bluetooth.

What all changes has to be done in HAL to overcome this problem


I am attaching the files for what all changes we have done in HAL to support HFP