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SD card boot for the T2080

Question asked by Matias Lirman on Jul 26, 2017
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I have been working with the T2080RDB board to boot up from SD card and I have a few questions. To start, I have two different T2080 boards I have been working with. One has a working Uboot flashed onto the board and the other does not (it is essentially an empty board) and Codewarrior flash has been unsuccessful in getting uboot working (trying to figure that out in another thread). Board 2 shows no connection to the tera term screen and so any interaction with the board is impossible. The main question I want to ask is: it possible to have the board fully function from an SD card boot, including the U-boot functionality?


For the first board (with working UBoot) I followed the instructions found under Deploy U-Boot, Linux Kernel, and Root File System to a Reference Design Board (RDB)/Supported Boards/T2080RDB/Deployment/SD Card Deployment in the "QorlQ SDK v2.0-1703 Documentation" found online. I was successful in getting the board to boot up from here and function well. In this documentation it tells me to create two partitions on the SD card (the exact wording is as follows): "Create the partitions by "fdisk /dev/sdb", one MS-DOS partition(sdb1 and this partition usually for u-boot) and one ext2 partition(sdb2) in the SD card".  The sdb1 is created for U-Boot, which leads me to the question I asked above. 


If I adjust the switches to the configuration found in the "boot from SD Card" section mentioned in the  "QorlQ T2080 Reference Design Board (T2080RDB-PC) Quick Start (SW1: 0010 0000, SW2: 0011 1111, SW3: 1110 0001) will the board look for the appropriate uboot files directly on the SD card? If this is the case, then I should be able to put everything on the SD card and successfully be able to start up board 2 (without uboot). Please let me know if my reasoning is correct and if it is possible to fully boot from the SD card. I did not need to change the switch configuration from the default for the SD deployment found in the documentation mentioned above so I figure that the switches will change something. 


If my assumption is correct would you please provide me a detailed walkthrough of the appropriate files to download and their specific locations on the first partition of the SD card I have already created with the corresponding linux commands. Thank you so much in advance for all your help! 


Awaiting your response,

Matias Lirman