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Hi All, I am interfacing the K22FN512 with CP2102 in which K22 will act as a host and CP2102 as a USB device. I am able to enumerate the CP2102 but communication is not happening. I am using the MQX USB host CDC example. My prime target is to give CP2102

Question asked by Jatin Vashisth on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by Daniel Chen

I am using MQX example of USB host CDC serial communication.

I am able to enumerate the CP2102 board and it is in resume state.

But I am not able to send command on it.

Like when I want to send the set descriptor command to it ( Interface descriptor) it is not giving me the same value when I do the get descriptor.

I am using K22FN512 on a FRDM board as USB host. Kindly support to get these two boards get communicated.


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Jatin Vashisth