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How to config SPI CS pin of MPC574XB

Question asked by Julie Liu on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2017 by Julie Liu

Hello this is the SPI cs  pin (MPC574XB) :

PJ[2] 1460000_0000GPIO[146]SIUL2 I/O
PJ[2]  0000_0001CS0_1SPI_1 O
PJ[2]  0000_0010CS0_2SPI_2 O
PJ[2]  0000_0011CS0_3SPI_3 O
PJ[2]  0000_0100SAI1_D0SAI1 O
PJ[2] --ADC0_S[26]ADC_0 I
PJ[2] 8170000_0010SS_1SPI_1 I
PJ[2] 8200000_0011SS_2SPI_2 I
PJ[2] 8230000_0010SS_3SPI_3 I
PJ[2] 10100000_0001SAI1_D0SAI1 I

And I choose CS0_2 as the chip select  pin function but now I can not drive this pin to logical low.

here is my setting:

    /* Pad PJ2 souce signal is SPI_2 CS0_2 */
    FLASH_EXT_SIUL2_MSCR(146)      |= FLASH_EXT_SIUL2_MSCR_OBE_EN;      /* OEB=1 */
    FLASH_EXT_SIUL2_MSCR(146)      |= FLASH_EXT_SIUL2_MSCR_SSS_2;       /* Select function 2 */
    FLASH_EXT_SIUL2_MSCR(146)      |= FLASH_EXT_SIUL2_MSCR_SRC_3;       /*  Full slew rate  */

        /* CS ON (= LOW) */
        FLASH_EXT_SIUL2_GPDO_REG8(146)  &=FLASH_EXT_SIUL2_GPDO_LOW;         /* Logic low value */


Does anyone have any idea how to drive CS0_2 to low level.