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Question of NVT4857UK

Question asked by Wu jie on Jul 25, 2017
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#Question of NVT4857UK# Tomas Vaverka


I plan to use NVT4857UK chip in my project to convert voltage SD card IO signal provided by FPGA from 1.8v to 3.3v. I have few questions from the spec of NVT4857UK:

1. For the pin VCCB, is it an output signal of this chip? or an input signal need from host?  and does VCCB equal to VLDO? 

2. For the resistor R1,R2 on the pic of page 4, do these resistor have already been integrated in this chip or need to be added on PCB?

3. For the resistors R3, R4, R5 need to be added on PCB, am I right?


thanks a lot.