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DDR Stress Test Result Differences Between Different Versions

Question asked by Mark Swiderski on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2017 by Joan Xie

I have a PCB with an MCIMX6S5EVM10AC that is not booting correctly and it seems like it's an issue with our DDR3 RAM. To verify this, I ran the DDR stress test tool V2.60 but found no issues. I also tried V2.30 with no issues. However, when I run V1.0.2 or V1.0.3 I consistently get the following error:


loop: 1

DDR Freq: 396 MHz

t0.1: data is addr test

t0: memcpy11 SSN test

t1: memcpy8 SSN test

Address of test1 failure: 0x2c022014

Data was:                 0x00000024

But pattern was:          0x00000004


It also seems that V1.0.2 and V1.0.3 take significantly longer to run.


When I test a known good PCB, it passes the DDR stress test on V2.60, V2.30, V1.0.3, and V1.0.2.


Why are there differences between different versions of the stress tester? I would expect the results to be the same no matter what version I am running.