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K64F - Guarantee uniqueness of local MAC-address

Discussion created by Nikolaus Bauly on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2017 by Bob Paddock

I'm just working with the ENET-Module of my K64F, and I want the Ethernet Connection to be up, as soon as the device is plugged into a local network.
Since the K64F does not have its own MAC address, I randomly generate a local MAC address.
My problem is now, that I can't find a way to check if the local MAC address is already used by another device on the network. I know the odds that this happens are very little , but still.

ARP needs an IP address to receive the respective MAC, it could only be used as a scanner to scan through all local IPs
RARP would probably work, but  it needs an RARP-Server on the network.

Are there any other level-2/3 protocols, which a normal DHCP-server has implemented,that could be used for that?


Thanks a lot in advance,