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K64F USB driver for USB Stick

Question asked by Neil Porven on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by Neil Porven

Hi Everyone,


I would like to do a USB driver on a K64F that is capable of copying a file into a USB Stick.

I found the following documentation: Creating a New USB project with KSDK and Processor Expert support in KDS

Unfortunately, this example uses Processor Expert, but I can't use Processor Expert on my application. The other

thing is that this example was done for a mouse and not a USB stick.  I looked in the KSDK_1.2.0 and the only

other device is a keyboard application.  The other thing would be being able to create a file in the USB stick before

I can transfer the information into it.


Has someone done this, has documentation on doing this?