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LPC4357 IAP and Compiled Binary Mapping

Question asked by Tony Morgan on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by Tony Morgan

I am using an NXP LPC4357 (specifically an Embedded Artist OEM board: LPC4357 OEM Board | Embedded Artists AB  ).


Right now I am storing a compiled binary in the QSPI and have been researching In Application Programming (IAP) and I think I have a grasp on that, but my questions pertains to understanding how to get the mapping of the compiled binary so that it can be programmed to the correct locations. The application notes and examples I have seen only refer to read-only code that gets loaded into flash (at 0x1A00 0000 for example), but not ro / rw data that goes to SDRAM, or other places.


My question is how do I understand what is in my compiled binary vs where it needs to go in memory?


In general I would think I would need to store this information in my binary at a fixed address, so that I can always find this information, but am unsure how to obtain this information programmatically.


This is for a firmware upgrade (over http), so I would think this information needs to be calculated and stored in the compiled binary.


Microcontroller: NXP LPC4357

IDE / Compiler: EWARM IAR 8.11.2


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