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About D3 pin and AD5 pin for i.MX7Solo

Question asked by yuuki on Jul 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by Mark Ruthenbeck

Dear all,


We want to confirm some pins of i.MX7Solo.


In "Table 96. i.MX 7Solo 19 × 19 mm, 0.75 mm pitch ball map" in Datasheet (IMX7SCEC Rev. 4, 04/2017),
"D3 : SD2_CD_B" and "AD5 : Vss" are explained.


However, these pins are not explained in "Table 94. i.MX 7Solo 19 x 19 mm supplies contact assignments" and "Table 95. i.MX 7Solo 19 x 19 mm functional contact assignments".


We understand that a description of Table 96 is right.


Is our understanding right?
Please tell me the right contents when it is wrong.


Best Regards,